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New Land Rover Defender


Obi Wan
Country flag
If the "Evoque" is in the 50s I hate to see the Defenders $ !!


Great Pumpkin
I saw this older one at Britfest last weekend. The owner also brought his 1275 Mini, so he was ready for anything!

I wonder if the new LR version will get the Euro-diesel?



Staff member
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The Evoque isn't cheap. Starts at $43,995 but in practice most are in the mid-fifties when equipped with the most popular option packages. We had an Evoque priced at $58K, two grand more than a Jaguar XF we had on the floor.

The Land Rover will be cheaper, as Land Rover is to be pitched at a lower price point than the Range Rovers, of which the Evoque is an example.......

Turbo-diesels would be great but the official line is that there is just not enough demand here in the USA for diesels. Gas is still way too cheap for that to start to happen.

Ernst Blofeld

Apparently, the company has had a change of heart and the new 2015 Defender won't resemble the DC100 concept that did the rounds in the last few years:

"Land Rover has gone back to the drawing board for its next-generation Defender after mixed reviews of its radical DC100 concept. The brand's global PR manager, Dave Roynon, admits some people hated the DC100, launched in 2011, and says the new Defender won't look like it.
"We're doing lots of market research, we're doing lots of studies," Roynon says. "We did DC100 to see what the reception was ... It's a bit of a Marmite [England's answer to Vegemite] car, some people loved it, some people hated it. I loved it as a styling exercise, but is it something that would replace Defender? No."
Roynon says no details for the new Defender have been locked in – except the fact it must retain the current car's go-anywhere, hard-working reputation.
"The capability is almost a given," he says. "It has to be as capable, it has to be as robust, it has to go everywhere the existing Defender goes, it has to be as practical as the existing Defender."

These are the company's plans:


It has to be said that the plan must have been leaked before the company's change of tack on the DC100 programme.

Can't say though that I thought there was much wrong with the DC100:



Jedi Knight
I agree, the DC100 is too Chelsea tractor, it needs a more utalitarian edge.

Before the TATA days you would occasionally see a LR/RR prototype/pre production model in disguise around the roads of Solihull but I haven't seen one for a few years now. Last one I saw was a RR Sport a few weeks before the launch.


Great Pumpkin
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I'm assuming the newer ones are set up more for freeway driving. I bought a new Land Rover in 1973 and it was worthless on the freeway! Basically a 55 MPH vehicle, any faster and the engine was screaming! Broke two rear axles with no effort. Sold it one year later and resigned my self to never own another. I surly don't miss it! Plus, it rode like a buckboard! My CJ-7 Jeep rode better, was more powerful and would run turnpike speeds all day long. PJ


Jedi Knight
Ain't it just the way. After saying I hadn't seen any new landrover product around solihull for years yesterday I parked up next to a pre production Range Rover hybrid! Looked exactly the same as the standard model othervthan a hybid badge on the wing.


Great Pumpkin
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But that hybrid badge Steve makes the already high price a little higher! Tooling for the new badge is expensive. :highly_amused: PJ
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