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Needed - 4" Chrome Smiths Bezel


I'm always tinkering with gauges. I've been working on a speedometer for the GT6. I bought a core that is from a later car with the black painted bezel. Can one of you spare from your collection a chrome bezel from a Spit or GT6 speedo or tach? These are the ones that are 4.1" [104mm] in diameter. I hope to finish my gauge project soon and want to post pictures of it with the "proper" bezel. Thanks for any help you can offer.
I would have thought these would be available new from a US vendor.

But if not, and you have no success chasing down a used one, you might then try:


under guages- smiths classic spares.

It wouldn't cost much for shipping to the USA.

A Triumph specialist is Rimmer Bros., though I don't see any guages in their on-line catalog:



Thanks for the suggestions for new parts. I'm after a used part from the U.S. for this project. Most of us can't bring ourselves to throw out broken car parts and Smiths instrument have an early mortality. I'm hoping someone with a truly dead tach or speedo will have a bezel I can use. Thanks again.


Nisonger should have new ones. They replaced mine a while back and they weren't expensive.



Thanks again for the suggestion of where to buy a new part but that's not what I'm after here.
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