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Most Scenic Drives in America

Webb Sledge

Jedi Warrior
This book is so cool I thought I'd post it in a couple different forums, so forgive me if you've seen it twice.

I don't know how many have seen this book, but if you haven't, check it out. I found the first edition of it on a shelf in the den and it's a gold mine of great roads, scenic trips, and awesome places for a British car club to visit. A must for anyone who loves the outdoors and loves driving.


(Most Scenic Drives in America, by Reader's Digest Editors)


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Geo Hahn

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Arizona - For a 2-lane road the drive thru the Coronado Natl Forest on US 191 (formerly US 666) is memorable.

Colorado - For the usually boring Interstates a notable exception is I-70 through Glenwood Canyon -- truly must be driven to be believed.

Utah Highway 12 when the aspen are turning is breathtaking.

New Mexico Hwy 4 is a little traveled scenic cruise south out of Los Alamos.

Obviously I'm biased towards the 4-Corners states (though when traveling east I always find an excuse to spend a few days on the Natchez Trace).


Country flag
Glenwood Canyon is a really nice drive. here a nice sceanic drive is through the Wichita Mountain Wildlife refuge, and just west of it towards Altus.


Jedi Warrior
California Highway 1, from San Luis Obispo to Big Sur, or any point north of Santa Cruz.

Any day drive thru Yosemite with the top down - almost as good as doing it on a bicycle!


Jedi Warrior
I don't know if this one is in it (the book), but I can vouch from personal experience that it's one of the best drives I've ever made in an LBC (or any car for that matter)... Arkansas Highway 7.

Kurtis-- haven't driven it in a LBC but have driven it-- Happened to be in early April when the redbuds and dowwood were out-- Absolutely beautiful. Arkansas-- especially the central and north end is a great state for the outdoors. With all the switchbacks you can't be in a hurry so you might as well enjoy the scenery!


Any if anyone here ever has the opportunity to make the run, Russellville is a nice midway break point. Give me a hollar, and I'll buy you a Feltner's Whatta-Burger.


[/ QUOTE ]


Jedi Trainee
I must commend to your attention Rte. 9 ["The Airline"], 90 miles between Bangor, ME and Calais, ME, at the New Brunswick border. Two lanes with truck passing lanes, winding, hilly, 60-75 mph, only 4 village areas, moose, bear and deer - you have to drive this road.

Rte. 1 past Brunwick, ME, features lots of villages which are very scenic, if slow. Once you get past Ellsworth, the road opens up and the views can be quite special. There are many side trips down tiny state routes that are perfect for sports cars, too.

Also, US Rte 2 from Houton, ME, at the New Brunswick border, to Burlington, VT. Two lanes most of the way, across the western Maine hills, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and Vermont's Green Mountains. Stunning vistas, enough farms and villages for interest, and superb winding roadway.

Vermont's Route 12, 100 and 5 also offer great driving roads for sports cars, with great views and wonderful curves.

In New Hampshire, Rte. 16 from Gorham to Conway is a treat, as is the Kangamangus Highway through the Mt. Washington National Forest.

Mark Jones

Jedi Warrior
I'll second the airline route; use to take it all the time driving from Fredericton, NB to Bangor, ME. And Route 2 is a great drive, especially in autumn.

Although not in the USA, the Highlands in Cape Breton, NS, is one of THE best drives out there.


Senior Member
And no one has mentioned the Alaska Highway? 1500 miles of some of the best animal and scenic viewing in the world!The '75 made the trip up in 1979 from Chicago and down to Indiana in 1995. It never missed a beat, then again aside from some touring in Whitehorse, it was in a fully enclosed trailer behind the pick-up. The RX-7 did make the trip one way in '94, slowly in the gravel areas. Should be a nice trip now as the road is paved all the way. The wife wants to do the road once more but driving the TR6 this time.

How about the Denali Highway from Paxton to Cantwell, AK? Beautiful open rolling hills with views of Mt. McKinley that money can not buy. Oh, did I mention the caribou and the fishing?

Or, a bit closer for most, the route through the center of Jasper and Banff Parks in Alberta/British Columbia. Very nice especially in early May before the tourists arrive. The glacier isn't what or where it used to be but it is still stunning.

Time for a road trip!
Webb Sledge

Webb Sledge

Jedi Warrior
There should be a section of the forum where you can post in detail your favorite driving roads. It'd be a great resource. Maybe subdivide it up by state or region. Anyone care to alert Basil to this?


Luke Skywalker
I've always loved the Saw Mill PKWY in NY, and the GW Parkway in N. VA. Nice winding high-speed roads with lots of green trees. (At least that's the way they were 15 years ago!)

I90 through Idaho is pretty amazing too -- very windy through the mountains.

101 is very nice through south-west WA. Did that in my '69 Corvette last year.

MGA Steve

Jedi Warrior
101 is very nice through south-west WA. Did that in my '69 Corvette last year.

[/ QUOTE ]Sammy, most of US 101 is a great drive, but 101 from Astoria to Tillamook, Oregon and south of Coos Bay are simply gorgeous drives. Another of my favorites in Oregon is Oregon 138 from Roseburg to Crater Lake through Umpqua National Forest--wish I had been in the TR8 with the top down for that drive!

Several earlier mentions of Colorado, but my favorite in the entire state is Colorado 145 from Placerville to Telluride, Rico and Dolores through the San Juan Mountains. And, though I love Sitka, Coeur d'Alene, Carmel, Boothbay Harbor, Asheville, and lots of other scenic towns, Telluride, to my mind, has the most spectacular setting of any town in America. Unfortunately, I am not the only one who thinks so, as it grown so much since I first saw it as a sleepy mining town in the 1960s that it is almost unrecognizable today. Now the only time to go there is in the fall, between the summer tourists and winter skiers. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cheers.gif
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