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Wanted MK2 - Please, help needed


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Dear All,
Good morning!
I am searching for an MK2, and it seems I found a good candidate.
It is a 3.8, white (I like it very much), the interiors are brown (I ‘d prefer red, but elas…).
The car is “well preserved”:
- 120,000 km, engine perfectly working BUT never done a major overall;
- the part below and bodywork seem very good, but I would like your opinion, please;
- they ask for 29,900€.
My questions are
- is the engine reliable after 120k km, even if “perfectly working”?
- how much could it be to do a complete check/maintenance of the engine?

please, let me know, many many thanks in advance and best regards



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Obi Wan
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Get maintenance records for whatever they can show. 120K not bad if a refresh was done sometime in it's life. I just refreshed an engine two years ago for $750 US doing it myself.


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Great, thank You very much.
They vendor say he has very few details, as he purchased the car by the old wife of the owner, after he passed….
What do You mean with a “refresh”? What would You say it might be needed, after 120k ?
Thanks again!!


Obi Wan
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A refresh to me is to tear down, lap the valves, readjust valves, check straigtness of head. See if piston bores are scratched or totally smooth, if within tolerance, hone and rering. Redo all bearings and seals, timing chains. Reassemble, breakin retorque head after 500 miles and agian at 1000. Change oil regularly at Jag specs. Technically an overhaul. Any reboring or grinding crank would be a rebuild.


Freshman Member
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Ah, ok! Great, thank You so much!!!
So, the tear down (if I understand well) is done *without* lifting the engine out of the car, is that right?
My very best regards!!
P.S. what do You think of the car from the photos? Just Your feelings, please. Thanks!!!


Obi Wan
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If you are experienced you can do a refurbish insitu. Not easy but doable. I have always taken mine out as I do a thorough clean and paint. Best out to blast waterways and replace core plugs. I have been doing these engines for a long time so what is easy for me might not be for someone else. Hard to relate shortcuts or what has to be done to what could pass. The original Jaguar Service manuals called it decoking and was done every 100,000 miles with a properly cared engine being done up to six times. Never saw one go twice, care was always forgone by then.
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