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Minor Rant..... Land Rover


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Took the "trouble and strife's" Little Landie in to the dealer this morning, due to rough running and "check engine" light. They diagnosed it as the Air Mass Sensor, which they will have to order from Land Rover and will take about a week.

Now, this is what I would consider a "service part", in a similar way that a belt or a hose would be, so why can't they keep a couple on the shelf? It's still a current model, not as if it were one that had been out of production for ten years or so...... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/nonod.gif


The Freelander I presume.

Just wait untll it starts eating computers. We did 4 in 3 months. The tech was laughing - said it was almost as bad as the new RRs. At least I didn't drop 80k on it though.

It wasn't even that that made me get rid of it - it was when they told me that they considered rotors a wear item when they told me they needed to replace the brakes and rotors after 13000 miles, and that they wouldn't cover them under warranty. Pads, fine. Rotors, nfw. Not after 13k in under a year.

Of course being an idiot I got another LR - the Disco - which also has plenty of issues - It's a poets day car if ever there was one.

I wish I'd got the Volvo wagon (the V70R) I really wanted. If the dealer hadn't been such a dick I would have that instead. I was willing to take one of 3 he had on the lot. He wanted sticker AND tried to screw me on the trade in so I walked out. I didn't even bother to argue, just got up and told him he'd lost the sale.

The LR dealer was next door and the rest is history...

Sorry to hijack your thread, but don't get me started on LRs. They are not your fathers car any more.


The new supercharged RR looks sweet though. I even like the orange.


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...They diagnosed it as the Air Mass Sensor, which they will have to order from Land Rover and will take about a week.

[/ QUOTE ]

Wow. Suddenly it's 1964.

They never heard of Fedex and the rest?

This reminds me of the distant past, when dealers with a certain German manufacturer's franchise needed to buy a boatload of parts and alter their building to present the right image - at the same time dealers with many British franchises were required to have a few sets of points on hand. Shouldn't Rover have learned that lesson by now?


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Well, the dealer also has Volvo and Jaguar........ They said that the pads and front rotors were shot too, after 45K miles, (don't know if the previous owner had them replaced) but I reckon that's a standard dealer ploy, so I'll take a look myself over the weekend. I think its days may be numbered, my wife isn't that enamoured of it any more, and the warranty is up soon. I'm not a fan of SUVs in any event, so she won't hear me objecting.


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My Renault always seems to have 80% wear on the breaks when it is serviced. I just tell them that at the rate I'm getting through them they'll last to the next service and what do you know, at the next service they're ... 80% worn again an will need replacing!

Andy Blackley

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I just replaced a well used 98 Wrangler with a low mileage 2002 Disco II that just came off lease. This is my third LR (we never learn) the first being a 70 SIIA, the next an 83 grey market Range Rover (with a 4 speed), which was sold in 99. Now this one, which I just got last week. The first thing I did was to find my old internet links to suppliers and such. One of my favorites stateside is DAP in Vermont. Heres a link: https://www.dap-inc.com/homeframe.htm
If they have it they can get it to you overnight if need be.
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