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MGB-GT Miata Powered MGBGT


Jedi Warrior
Sorry if this has been posted before, but here's a link to someone doing an engine conversion that seems to be much in the spirit of the original car. The purists will be horrified, but it looks like a nice job.

Nice job, too bad that BL waited to late to update ours cars with V8's. Like this a lot. Wayne
I've heard of an MGA Twin Cam up in Alberta here with a similar conversion...

The owner apparently purchased the Twin Cam car minus engine, knowing how expensive it is to even buy an original engine he was able to fit a Miata engine in, but in a way that a Twin Cam engine can still be installed should one become available that he can actually afford to purchase
Love the purple colour on that B!
Very different, Very noiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

I dont understand why using a miata engine was his choice of engine tho! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif Arent the miata's a plastic rip off of the MGB's architecture?
I was told that the MGB was the model car used for the production of the mx5's. is that true?
The designers of the Miata used ideas, styling and spirit from many different classic British sports cars including the MGB. The one they chose to officially recognize as the precursor to their car was the Lotus Elan as Jeff mentioned. However the Miata upon release was more like the MGB than the Elan. It was a small, affordable, simple roadster which sticks true to the classic sports car design which puts handling before power.

Today's Miata is different but still holds true to many of the principles it was originally based upon. If MG had stayed around until today, I think the MGB would be something like the Miata.
Ah right,
I'd never heard of a lotus elan before this post.
I checked out what they look like on the net, HOLLY CRAP. Bloddy ugly looking things! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/pukeface.gif

BTW, Jeff... Absolutely love your signature... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/lol.gif
i have seen a Cosworth Turbo powered MGB before with 4oohp at the wheels, IRS,ABS, and 5speed.....foll Seirra suspension throughout, it was built by specialists in the UK, and Accelerated, Handled and stopped very well
Jarrod, They used the OLD Elan as a basis. Not the later Korean abortion. Look for an Elan of about 1969 vintage, and you'll see the similarity with the Miata.
I love it........AS for the Lotus Elan..........A lovely Miata of its time....LOL..........Great looking cars and just like the modern Miata.....A hoot to drive

Bill Robertson
Ah right,
I'd never heard of a lotus elan before this post.
I checked out what they look like on the net, HOLLY CRAP. Bloddy ugly looking things!

[/ QUOTE ]

Are you looking at the original Elan or the newer version?

I've seen and touched the above mentioned Miata Powered MGB GT. Beautiful conversion and really lights up the minilites when you drop the clutch! The color is Black Tulip, a 1973 only color offered on MGBs.

As for Elan's, I'm sure this will get your attention!
Ah rightio.

Yeh they look Sweet As
I was looking at something on CARDOMAIN.com which looked something like a LONG old honda hatchback! :S GO FIGURE EY!
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