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For Sale MGB Black Label Overdrive For Sale Or Trade For New RB Parts


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I purchased this unit intending to put it in my 68 GT. I’ve since decided to go another route with a possible V6/V8 conversion. Sold as is. Local pick up in Statesville, NC 28625 preferred but may be able to help with UPS shipping. Possible partial trade for new 77-80 RB parts (i.e. interior, top, suspension bushings, lowering kit, boot cover). What do you have?

This is the work that’s been done:

All new gaskets and seals

All O-rings replaced in OD

New OD filter

New layshaft

New synchro rings

Solenoid resistance tests within spec

OD isolation switch works correctly

Needs a reverse switch (about $12)

Includes wiring sub harness and shifter as shown

Does not include clutch lever, release bearing or boot


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