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MGA mga Coupe vintage racer on e bay


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Saw that one on BAT this morning. Interesting car.


Great Pumpkin
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Could be way off here, but I'd be surprised if it goes for less than $10000 or $12000. PJ


Could be a potentially inexpensive way to get into vintage racing with a nice car. Some of the guys I race with run A coupes and they make good race cars. The night racing lights, fire suppression system and the Tilton setup tells me this was more than your average "throw a roll bar in and go racing" kind of car. Obviously would require extensive going through but possibly a nice race car.

'70 MGB GT vintage race car


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yes, I was thinking the 10 to 12 range myself.. even if it needs a good going through (which you would do with any race car!!!)
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