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Mercedes-Benz E320


Great Pumpkin
Someone please kick some sense into me.

After driving econo-boxes since college in 1966 (Opel Kadett, Pinto, Chevette, Duster, Datsun, Mazda, etc.), now in my dotage I'm very close to choosing ...


A beautiful, comfortable, 2000 Mercedes-Benz 4-matic E320.

A friend of mine (retired AA pilot) is selling his wife's car this summer for $6500. One owner, regular maintenance and recall work by his local M-B dealer. Only problem: the outside temp indicator on the dash no longer works. As if I care ....

If I'm successful dealing with some health problems, I want to do some TRAVELING next year. I'll keep my Mazda Protege (38mpg) for grocery shopping, and use the 320 for the long-haul stuff. The 320 isn't exactly economical: premium gas, 17/24mpg, but I ain't gonna live for ever.

If anyone wants to talk me out of it - please do! (or at least, please try ...)

you could send it to me. seriously, it's pretty, it's in great shape, it will get OK mileage if you drive it carefully and, worst case scenario, people think you're s high class idiot rather than a trailer trash moron. :crazyeyes:
As long as you can afford to keep it maintained, that would be a wonderful highway cruiser. Sounds like a fair price for that vintage, well maintained.
just remember the European tax on parts and repairs. $100 repair on a Chevy is likely to be $250 (or more) on a Mercedes, BMW or VW.
Score points in your favor if you can/want to do the repairs yourself. Parts are still more costly. My BMW parts are always a good twice what equivalent big 3 parts are. But.....I like the car far more than what would be the equivalent from the big 3 and therefore put up with the extra cost. My vote is to get the Mercedes. I was just being a small voice of reason before the decision.
I'm with Ben. Doing the work yourself can make it 'affordable'.
Temp gauge indicator is normally a smushed sensor located behind the front license plate mount. A new replacement is about $80, but they're always on eBay for about 15 bucks. Just cut the old one off and solder/splice the new one on. Fixed.

I'm a member over at Benzworld (for a W201). It's a good forum. The M104 engine is wonderful; although the 4matic drivetrain bits can be fussy.

www.autohausaz.com is your friend.

Also, sign up for the "EPC" through MB USA. It requires a credit card, but you are not charged, it's free. It's the on-line parts database that dealers use. Key in your VIN and it will tell you every option you have. Also shows parts for every MB model.
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