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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to drop you all an email to say hello and intriduce myself. As the subject says, I am currently doing some research on the Lotus brand, see my post in the 'pub' section. In addition to that I am a Brit, who has been in the US for about 3 years now as I managed to snag me a lovely American lady.

Whilst I currently drive a Civic, when I graduate I intend to replaced my recently sold English Lotus Elise with wither a federalized version or a classic I still debate which. I'm a bit of a mechanical numpty hence the draw of an Elise. In an ideal world I would adore an Austin Healey which I think has to be one of the most elegant cars out there.

My first ever car was a 1972 Austin Countryman which was a fantastic car for me as a student way back.

Looks like a great website.

All the best


tony barnhill

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Welcome, Andrew - are you a Brit ex-pat?


Great Pumpkin
NOW we get the scheme, Andrew!

How long you been in 'da 'berg? All three years? Has the "Stillir" Nation got yins yet? Tasted IC lite? <PTUI!> /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif

Welcome. Really! No shame in pedalin' a Civic about. It'll serve you well if looked after properly.

Lotus info? Go to Sewickley... "The Car Store"... and ask around if they know any die-hard Lotus enthusiasts. Consider it a research "field trip". It was a Lotus dealership in the '70's. A few of the folk still there were part of it.

Mario and Elvidio Grande in "danthan" may have been dealers later, and another Sewickley dealer picked up Lotus in '78-ish.... Jan Ducoslov, IIRC... Was the Rolly dealer there.

If any of this tickles yer fancy, feel free to PM me for more data.