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Lucas starter motor field assembly

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Deleted member 8987

My field toasted itself a couple of years ago.
I was able to locate (locally) a starter that ended up being new or freshely rebuilt, and it has functioned fine.
However, being a Jaguar and Lucas, I am looking to fix this one for a "spare".
I have the field pieces out, and the windings out.
The insulation on at least one field piece has gone....whether age, or the ensuing smoke and heat is unknown.
I do know that a 3M product called Varnished Cambric works, for heat and insulation properties, but no-one local seems to have it.
Anybody know where I can get a field piece re-insulated?
Or find some of this Cambric?

Marvin Gruber

Country flag
Take the fields to a local electric motor repair shop. They can rewind it. If you think the field piece is not shorted, buy a spray of black Glytal insulating paint. Spray it(hose it down)with the paint several times and put it back together. We used Glytal in repairing large electrical motors and generators.


Deleted member 8987

Glyptal will hold up?
That will hold on the flat barstock field winding?

Marvin Gruber

Country flag
We used Glytal to reinsulate generator windings in all the power plants. Spray it heavy on the copper and let it sink down into the windings. Do several coats. Red or black, doesn't matter For a barrier between the copper and stator housing, go to the Electrial motor rewind shop and ask for 1/16" insulating sheet. They have many types. Ask for class H insulation. You could also use a piece of gasket material, spray both sides and use that as a barrier between windings and stator.
If you can find cloth tape, half lap wrap the windings and spray it down with the glytal, you won't need the insulation sheet then. As far as the barstock, just wipe the top of the steel off after you paint the windings. You want the paint to weep down the sides of the metal.

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