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Lots of work but a neat car


Great Pumpkin
If only my wife would say "Get it"...

Considering the collection that you already have, she'd most likely say "Get out!"" /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
Bruce Bowker

Bruce Bowker

Obi Wan
A lot of work it's true, but what a great little car! You can still get all the parts for them out of the UK.

[/ QUOTE ]
At some time and perhaps still, the convertible of these was/is very popular in the UK.


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Hi all.
The seller is Kip motor, I think they are a supplier to some degree for odd makes and what not, I have a catt. from them.
Bruce Bowker

Bruce Bowker

Obi Wan
What is a catt. ?


Jedi Knight
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