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For Sale Lots of Bugeye Parts - CHEAP


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We had an autocross Bugeye that we competed with for years. We accumulated a lot of spare parts. We sold the car and these parts are just taking up room in my garage now.

I will sell individual parts at the prices posted. I will ship small parts UPS or USPS if you pay the postage. I can’t pack and ship large heavy parts for shipping, you will have to make arrangements to have big parts picked up.

I can provide photos of anything you have an interest in. Just PM me with what you want.

I will cut you a big discount if you take them all. All the parts would fit in a pickup truck, van or even an SUV. You pick them up in Wesley Chapel, FL, about 10 miles north of Tampa.

Axles (5) BTA 806$50Ea.
Axle Hub - 2A7088$50
Axle Hub - 2A43190?
Battery Hold Down
Box of misc. Stuff (Brass fittings, rubber parts, etc.)$50
Bunperettes - Rear (2) (Poor Condition)$30Both
Clutch Forks (2)$10Ea.
Clutch Cylinder Core$5
Crankshaft - 1275 (2)$50Ea.
Crankshaft - New (Nitrided EN16T MOWOG SGF3117G5 or6 - Still In Box)$350
Cylinder Heads (2) 1275 - Complete w/valves & springs$50Ea.
Differential (No ring gear)$25
Distributer Mount$10
Drive Shaft w/yoke & u-joint$50
Engine Cooling Fan$20
Engine Plates (Front & Rear)$150Both
Engine Plate Rear$75
Fan Blade (Engine)$25
Gaskets - Misc Engine$10
Generator + 2 sets brushes
Front Bumper Brackets (2 Top 1 Bottom)
Heater Core$25
Heater Fan/Motors (2)
Heater/Water Control Valve
Master Cylinder (Cores and misc parts)$50All
Misc. Parts in box$20
Motor Mount Brackets (R & L)$10Both
Oil Cooler$10
Oil Filter Assy (Spin-on w/canister - original style 948 base)$30
Oil Filter Mount (Angled)$25
Parking Brake Bracket & Linkeage Rods$25
Pedal Ass'y$25
Rear Shock (1)$10
Rocker Shaft/Pedestals/Rockers (2)$25Ea.
Stock 1275 Short Block (Pistons/Rods/Cam/PanMinus Crank)$100
Side Curtains w/bag (Poor)$25(2- R&L)
Spring Mounts (Rear) (1/4 elliptical spring boxes + U-Bolts)$20Both
Steering Column$40
Steering Rack and Mounts$50
Stock 1275 Cranks (2)
Top Frame Mounts for storage behind seat
Transmissions Ribcase (2)$250Ea.
Sway Bar - Front 3/4 inch
Thermostat Housing
Thrust Washers$10
Voltage Regulator - Lucas$10
Water Pump$20
Water Pump Pulley
Wheel Studs
Windscreen Pillar (1 RH)$25
Windscreen Washer Bottle & Bracket
Windshield Washer Push Button
Wiper motor (Not Bugeye)$10
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I need the windshield washer bottle but I do not need the bracket. Let me know if you will split the set, and also what condition the bottle is in. I'm not looking for one that's extremely yellowed and worn looking, so a photo might help me decide.

I do not how to PM you on this site, so if you know how, please PM me a reply.

Your organizational skills, evidenced by the alphabetical listing with prices are great.

Thank you.


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Probably not as clear as you want.
Windsheild Washer Bottle.jpg


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Thanks for posting. Unfortunately it looks quite a bit like then one I already have. I might just opt for a nice new shiny one.


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You can PM (I expect) but I'm interested in the heat shield and the SU carb set. Photos?
Not sure how to do a PM but I'll post the pix. Not sure what the carbs came off of. One of the heat shields is pieced together. The other one has the attaching ear broken off. The carbs are still on a manifold.

I won't be using any of this so I would sell the 2 carbs, 2 air cleaners, 2 heat shields and the manifold for $100. If you can't pick them up in Wesley Chapel Florida I will have to charge extra for getting them shipped.


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  • Heat Shield.jpg
    Heat Shield.jpg
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  • Manifold.jpg
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I'll take them all for the $100 plus shipping. Can you send me a quote to ship to 20189 Dulles Virginia? I don't use PayPal but will send a check if that will work. You can hold everything until the check clears.

Let me know.
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