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looking for PPG engine green paint code.... HELP!


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I'm trying to match the Austin Healey Engine Green color and was wondering if anyone has a paint code for it? I'd hate to have to bring in a sample of the Moss rattle can to be color matched. Who knows what variant I'd end up with. Anyone?
Thanks in advance!
jeffs, sports and classics in stamford ct. sells it in quarts and gallons, 203-655-8731


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Dave Russell

Yoda - R.I.P
The Moss rattle can color comes very close to the original. I've had cans that were purchased 4 years apart match each other perfectly.

Since it is a metallic, the final color/shade VERY much depends on the way it is sprayed.

Several very light coats sprayed with a little setup time between comes out much lighter than a wet coat or coats. The lighter shade is usually considered to be more correct.


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Re: looking for PPG engine green paint code.... HE

Doug Reid, a.k.a "Mr. Finespanner," of 18G Motorworks of Maryland, claims that he has the most correct engine green. He says that Roger Moment bought several cans, and if you know who Roger is, then you know that that is a real testimonial in itself. You can reach Doug at mrfinespanner@earthlink.net for details. Tell him I sent you. (No, I don't get kick-backs, but I like to try to help magazine contributors when I can.)


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Re: looking for PPG engine green paint code.... HE

Ok - after 4 tries I got an exceptional match to the Heaey Green engine paint with a PPG 2-stage paint.
If anyone wants the formula, I can provide it. No metal flake - lots of aluminum. You can get it in the DBI paint that requires no clear coat too


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Re: looking for PPG engine green paint code.... HE

Hi Jeff,
Could you post the formula here? That way it's in the archives for the future.



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Re: looking for PPG engine green paint code.... HE

Along these same lines... has anyone used the Healey engine paint from Por 15. I keep seeing it pop up on Ebay. I've used their gas tank sealer, but nothing else. I used the spray paint cans from one of the big parts suppliers for my MGA engine and wasn't real happy with the results (although it was probably more prep related than the product itself). Thanks


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Re: looking for PPG engine green paint code.... HE

Ok, so I had paint mixed to match the Moss color and in the end it was slightly off, but in the direction of the Sports and Classics formula. Its for PPG 2 stage paint systems, available in PPG DUI interior paint as well, which does not require a clear coat!
I didn't realize until now that I don't actually have the formula, just a paint code for the mix, as bought from a local shop. I'll try to get it and post it here!

The same shop that mixed my paint had the POR15 engine paint in stock - their version of the Healey Green is more of a dark army green without the aluminum content that gives it the metalllic look. I'd never consider using it after seeing the color!
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