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Locking Gas Cap


Jedi Knight
I have had the gas in my 77 B siphoned 3 or 4 times now. Outside of staying up all night, and shooting at someone, can anyone give me a source for a locking gas cap that will fit a 77 B?

Regards John


I just tried autozone.com and they have one for 18.99. I remembered getting one years ago for my '72 and I thought it was a local auto zone. You might try your local one first. Or put your zip code in on their web site. Go there and put "locking gas cap" in their search and go through the car model etc and then put your zip code.


Jedi Knight
I tried Autozone today. They have one listed but I was told the warehose is currently out of stock. I think I'll try back around Friday and see if they have gotten any more in.

Regards John


What about Moss or VB?


Darth Vader
Country flag
With a locking cap all they will do is drill a hole in the bottom of your tank. I know they exist for the 75's as I do have one but I haven't seen a replacement offered new anywhere.

You could always get some fine mesh chicken wire and place it over the opening to the tank and then use the filler neck to hold it in place. It will keep the siphoners in check.

If your positive your getting hit by gas thieves move the filler cap into the trunk and route the outside cap into 2 gallon gas can filled with raw sewage or water or diesel or other other than gas fluid. Bonus points if you can rig it to flame thrower.


Great Pumpkin
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Reminds me: I gotta beef up perimeter sensors... :devilgrin:

The Triumph folks (particularly the TR-6 lads) have a nifty filler cap. Hinged. Lotus used 'em, too. I believe they had the locking version available and it was originally designed & used on Norton bikes. Tony would have a better idea on the history, methinks. I got a locking one decades ago for the +2.

I would think that'd be adaptable to the B filler somehow.


From a Volvo. You may ahve to install a Mark I filler neck to fit it though.



It would be nice if Moss or Victoria had them for a '77 but they don't
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