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T-Series Late MGB fuel cut off switch


So, today I went to retrive the MGB LE from outdoor storage for 6 months....this is the third winter it's been outside, and with my method of preparation it is exactly as I left it. Dropped it off the stands, put in the battery(the TR battery barely fit BTW) turned the key..and BOOM she started, first crank...without even having to turn over many times...I was very impressed! So I get a few block down the street, start smelling some gas(and i did check for leaks before I left)...anyway, pull over and discover that it's coming from the switch that cuts off fuel on impact)located right beside the M/C)....I drove back quickly and with the help of my 5 year old neice(I think it's time she gets one of these)was able to bypass it for now and everything is fine....but I have a few questions about the switch....Where can I get another(not listed in MOSS) and which year did MGB's start having this....I am not sure, but I don't remember seeing one on the 78's(I'll have to look next time I am there).


Great Pumpkin
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A hateful device designed to cut off fuel in the event of "inverted flight." My suggestion is to bypass it and "press on regardless."

...but I've no relatives to concern meself with, y'see.


Thats the way I am thinkin too....See right now I was able to repair it using a small pipe of copper tube by little neice found...but the smaller diameter is restrictiing fuel, thus making for some hard starting...So I am gunna check around for a replacement switch, if no luck then I'll run a line direct to the fuel filter and remove the switch entirely.


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They are prone to leak. Very few of our cars still have them. Just use a new length of hose and bypass it all together. There is another fuel cut-off switch under the dash. When the car rolls over it turns off the power to the fuel pump.

tony barnhill

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They're "NLA" - & rightly so...pian in the butt, if you ask me....just bypass it....you can keep it in there for shows and originality if you like.


Think I will..I'll remove it first, clean the area up, then put it back an bypass it.
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