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Land Rovers over 10 years old.


Darth Vader
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TATA has announced it will suspend manufacture of all parts for vehicles over 10 years old. What a way to preserve the past.


Luke Skywalker
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In England, where most of the Rangies roam, they do not last longer than 10 years. If there is not a fast profit to be made, TATA want nothing to do with it.


Staff member
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The older Land Rovers tend to last a lot longer than ten years..... Mind you, they are pretty much the same as the ones that they make today :wink:

The Ministry of Defense still runs enormous amounts of them. They are even on active duty still in Afghanistan with the British Army and the RAF.

I can't see the MoD allowing themselves to run out of parts.


Luke Skywalker
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No, No. Totally different vehicle. The military does use Land Rovers, but not Range Rovers. That is what we are discussing here. I do agree the the L.R. is much better quality than a R.R. and the spares are still being manufactured.
The alloy body panels and steel wheel arches do not last in a R.R. over ten years with out special care.
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