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Keeping Bondo cool - Texas style


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I started filling the dents and rot with Bondo (actually, Evercoat Rage Gold) yesterday. The first panel was a door that I didn't think was going to need any work until I sanded it.

I learned a few things:

  • Sand everything thoroughly, you never know where bondo is hiding.
  • Don't stop to take a picture after mixing up bondo, working time is short.
  • In the dead of summer, the working time is even shorter.
I was working out in the driveway – bad idea. My working time for the bondo was maybe a minute and a half vs. the advertised 5 minutes. I called Evercoat tech support, they do not have a slower hardener, but suggested keeping the filler cool to extend working time – but it has to stay above 60 degrees



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Glad to see you are thinking ahead on the cooler, not wasting all that ice just to cool the bondo but adding a few CABs to make efficient use of it. Just a bit of advice though, CABs and bondo usually do not make a good combination. Best to save the CAB until finished with the bondo.
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