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Just When Things Were Settling Down.....


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I got a call about our '96 Corolla that our Daughter's
driving.The key will turn to the "ACC" setting,but won't
continue to "START".Any ideas?Ben?
I tried both keys,turning the steering wheel,put the clutch in,etc.- nothing.
Now I've got the Cortina (transmission installation),
our daughter's Saturn (replace engine),parts car Saturn-
-(pull engine,sell remainder of car),Blue B210 (finish up),
& Brown B210 (get running,switch parts,sell).

- Doug


Darth Vader
Re: Just Whwn Things Were Settling Down.....

My mother in law had a 2000 Corolla that did the same thing once while she was at the grocery store. We had to jiggle and turn the steering wheel to "unlock" it. It finally clicked and the key turned. Turn the key while turning the wheel at the same time all the way hard left. It might work. Good luck.


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Re: Just Whwn Things Were Settling Down.....

we once had a pin pop out of the lock cylinder and get wedged on the outside of the cylinder - jamming when you tried to turn on the key. (Ford Aerostar) it was relatively simple to pull the cylinder and throw away the pin - I suppose having less pins in the lock made it easier to steal - but it was an Aerostar - that was my prayer


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Re: Just Whwn Things Were Settling Down.....


I tried that first.
Turns out that Toyotas have an anti-theft mechinism built
into the lock.As the keys wear,small tabs stick out,making it unable to start.Took about 5 minutes (or less) to pull
out.Took it to the local locksmith.Popped it back in,& now
it works fine.
This also happens on the door locks.The locksmith
recommended replacing the key every 6 months.

- Doug


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Re: Just Whwn Things Were Settling Down.....

Doug.. Sorry I missed seeing this thread.
I see you found how easy it is to get the cylinder out (as long as you can get it in the ACC position)
Glad to hear all's well.
Another tip is to limit the amount of stuff on your key ring. Some people have tons of keys and dangly things on thier ring, and all that weight WILL cause rapid wear on the lock cylinder and key.
Personally I think 6 months is an awfully short lifespan for a key. think about it. It took 11 years for the first one to wear out.
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Re: Just Whwn Things Were Settling Down.....

If you need help with all those other projects, send an email (this IS 2007/8!!) to the North Pole....there are a lot of elves with some time on their hands! /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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