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Jefferson 500-2014-photos


Great Pumpkin
We have put away the scuba gear (crossing fingers). Some bad local flooding on Thursday but looks to be dry the rest of the weekend

A few photos ~HERE~
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I had a great time at the J500 and the IV ran wonderfully. The highlight for me was the bifurcated enduro--45 minutes on Friday and the second half on Sunday. I finished 10th in a very mixed field on Friday and for whatever reason went off in 6th place on Sunday. I had worked my way up a couple of positions which is about as much as I could ask when about 15 minutes prior to the finish the throttle cable broke and that was that. Nevertheless a lot of fun.


Luke Skywalker
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I'm glad to hear everyone's getting out and having fun. My season opener was last weekend at Sonoma Raceway (Sears Point). The Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival always draws large fields of some very rare and expensive cars. Team Healey PDX represented well, I finished 9th in the final out of 44 for the '55-'62 production GT grid.

Ferrari Sonoma II.jpg

Sonoma Healey Pits II.jpg



Great Pumpkin
Great battle with the blue Mog (until he locked them up) and then that #98 MGA (I *think* that's what it was.....but the front fenders looked different).
And finally, good race with the smoky red coupe, whatever it was? (Italian, I presume).

Looks like we all had a great weekend!
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Luke Skywalker
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Thanks Nials -

The smoken car is accually Terry Cowan is his Sebring Sprite, PMO200. It had a new motor and the rings hadn't seated, so he said. I told him I though it was a James Bond like smoke screen.


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