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Jaguar X type


Jedi Trainee
The car looks dam good. The dealers have one example at the showroom. End of July ..beginning of august ..they are anticipating having various colors to see.

Order now..get in Oct. Demand is pretty hot..and once it hits..it will grow dramatically.

I anticpate that probably the latter part of of next year..when the wifes present gMC lease is up..Maybe I'll buy this new jaguar...

I'd rather do the convertible Jaguar which I believe to be one of the most beautiful cars on the road..but the wife says its too impractical for her..LOL

She wants 4 doors...so maybe the X type is IT. Anybody see the car in anything other than blue (in real life)

Any good photos on line?


JB, that would be cool if you got a Jag! I might myself if I didn't already have one (an XKE) Lol! Plus just bought the wife a Miata (cool little "almost British" car).



Jedi Trainee
Just thinking about the miata I had for few months as I was selling it for a family member..

That was an awesome car..more smiles per miles than I can remember. My wife didn't want it and she put her foot down on 4 cars..LOL

I need a 3 or 4 car garage but I would have to drop like a million or a million and a half for a house like that..so Miata went...
We got a kid so she needs 4 seats/4 doors otherwise I think I'd go after the XK8..unless I sell the vette which I won't do..

If she ends up liking the new Jag x type when she can view the various colors..Next fall I'll get her one when her suv lease is up..

I really don't like SUV's but like most suburban mommies ..she does ..but maybe the Jag with 4 whd will do the trick.

I think thats a neat combination they dreamed up. Should get those mommies with little kids out of SUV's..At least we can try...
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