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I've never seen one of these for real


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Healey Frogeye. I book I have has a chapter dedicated to this car. Exact replica - conceived by Donald Healey. You would be special at a show with this


I don't think we've ever seen one on the boards.


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It was around during the very last part of the 80's and first part of the 90's. The company was across the pond but a guy somewhere on the east coast sold the kit and a guy here in Salem Oregon sold the car in a completed form.
Looked neat in some different sort of way’s but w…. a…. y over priced.
Geoff Healey “lent” the family name to it. But it was a private enterprise of a fellow who couldn’t find a good body to restore and thought there was a market for an all fiberglass copy.
It had a very bazaar rear suspension, made up of some lorry bits (more of a torsion bar set up).
Cool to look at, but back then it was double the price of a real MKI’s value.



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I've only heard of them in Clausagers's "Sprite and Midget, the Complete Story." Certainly never seen one.

I like the TD they have for sale as well. Maybe some day...


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LOL. I *knew* I'd mentioned this car in BCF.

But is was in ~2003!~ :laugh:

By the way, there was a front wheel drive Bugeye replica made years ago too....based on a classic Mini.


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