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Interior - right floor pan


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I am installing new seats in my TR3B but am having trouble getting the right side seat to go back. It seems that it is hitting on an inspection plate (?) at the rear left of the seat. It is a heavy duty piece held in place by a bolt. Does anyone know the purpose of this and if you have had the same problem, what did you do to solve?




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I haven't got anything behind the seat...



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All I see are the body to frame mounting bolts. If your seat is hitting the single bolt, check the thickness of the washer which, if too thick, may be causing the bolt to protrude and interfere with the seat.

Or....maybe the bolt has not been tightened enough to pull it into the indention.

If neither of those conditions apply, you could try shimming the seat track enough to get the needed clearance.


"Inspection Plate" that is "Bolted" in place????

I`ve never seen one or ever heard of one. It would be int. to see the pics of that plate & see exactly what your talking about.



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Hey Mike,
Not sure if I'm seeing this right. Aren't the bossed areas where the bolts go supposed to be "indentations". That is, arent they supposed to allow the bolts heads to be below the pan surface where the seat rails attach? Pat


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Sorry...think I confused you. The pic is not Mike's. I was just showing him how it should look. It sounds like he's got something else going on.


Don Elliott

Obi Wan
The large bolt in the rear floor should be a flat-head screw as shown. If you use a regular hex head bolt, the high bolt head will prevent the seat from sliding all the way back.
Also, some TR owners cut the carpet away where the seat tracks are secured to the floor and this lowers the seat even more to cause sliding difficulties.

The bolts securing the body to the frame near the "A" posts as well as the "B" posts should be down in depressions in the floor pan stampings.


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