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Interesting craigslist Triumph collection for sale


Jedi Hopeful
vagt6 said:
Could be a nice find for someone. Lovely TR-3 and MKIII GT6 in Roanoke: https://roanoke.craigslist.org/car/556677484.html

I looked at those cars about 2 weeks ago. That's what prompted my recent post about "So what does a restoration cost these days?". If anybody wants my impression of the cars, just let me know. Might save you a trip. Fairview

p.s. I just remembered I still have pictures on my camera so I can send those, too.


Thanks, Fairview.

I think it's okay to provide the results of your inspection of those cars here, if you don't mind, of course. The truth about the cars' condition is not a taboo subject.

I'd like to know more about the TR-3 and the GT6.


Obi Wan
ditto on the TR3

I would be interested in seeing the pix of the tr3 if you could possible PM me.



Jedi Hopeful
Hi Bill and Mark,

I created a file with my webshots photos with those Craiglist Triumphs (TR3, TR4, and GT6). You can look at them and draw your own conclusions. None of them were running and had been stored outside for several years. I went there with a friend who was hoping to find a fairly easy project.

I'm sorry the photos aren't more comprehensive- by the time I got the camera out I knew none of the cars were going to be bought by my friend.

Below is the link to the photos.Once there, the photos are in the "Craigslist Triumphs Roanoke Virginia".

Thanks, Jeff
Craigslist Triumphs Roanoke Virginia


Thanks for sharing, Jeff.

I think craigslist items usually require greater scrutiny than eBay. "Buyer beware": never believe anything the seller says. Trust, but verify!
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