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Intake manifold heat shield fitting issue


Senior Member
I've been away from the resto for a while and seem to have acquired severe brain fade on some of the details of the car.
I'm trying to fit the heat shield to the intake manifold, but there are cast bosses either side of the manifold inlet ports that are interfering with the heat shield fitting up to the manifold. Actually, there are cut-outs for 2 of the bosses, but no cut-out for the 2 on the left of each port. Even with the spacers in stalled it doesn't quite fit up. I have 2 heat shields and both have the same fitting issue. I could double up on the spacers(?)
Am I missing something trivial?
Thanks for any thoughts.
61 BN7 Mk1


Senior Member
Thanks. I tried that and it works of course! I'll order up 2 more, and continue on my way. Next up - throttle linkage and fuel. Small steps.
Thanks again,

andrea said:
Hi Dave
you must mount TWO of this spacers under the Heathshields
Alternative : I have two 6 mm only spacers my mechanic
makes four big circular (+/- 20mm)holes on the heat shield to allow the bosses- it work
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