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Insurance Appraisal vs. real world ...


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Yesterday I finally got around to calling to appraiser & having him come out to see my 67' Midget, I needed to get an appraisal for my Insurance company.

Very nice guy who has been at this for 40 years, came well recommended - after giving my car a through going over he asked what a bought it for 3 years ago his eyebrows raised up & asked me how I sleep at night for being a thief ! ha ha.

I told him the updates since then & I thought it would be worth 5000 or 6000 dollars on a good day - he laughed and said he refused to appraise it for less than 10,000 - funny how an Insurance appraisal isn't quite as reflective as the real world eh ? my 67 Midget with a 13 year old amature restoration would be apprasied at that, cold day in heck I would get that if I tried to sell :smile: (which won't be happening)

Just thought I would share, found it interesting...


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Mine was 16k - and this for what was a rubber bumper car. amazing
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