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Inexpensive way to ship tires/wheels


Senior Member
Does anyone have any recommmendations on how to ship wheels/tires cheap? I trying to give someone a good deal on my set of original TR6 wheels/tires on ebay and UPS wants up to $50 per wheel/tire to ship (upstate NY to California)! There has to be a better way!


Great Pumpkin
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Unless you know a trucker heading that way, as far as I know, your stuck with high shipping costs. I'm with you on cheaper rates, but don't hold your breath. PJ


Hi Jim,

There is "NO" In-expensive way to ship them; I`m afraid to say.

As Paul mentions; If you catch a trucker going that way; Thats your best bet.

Good Luck,


Mickey Richaud

Staff member
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Check with Greyhound Bus. Haven't used them myself, but have heard they're the way to go for bulky items.



tdskip said:
Ditto on Greyhound. Didn't even think about Amtrak - Frank how did you approach it?

I think I went to their web site first and then to be sure, I called the station in Philly. The guy at the station was real friendly. I strapped the tires to a cheap (free) wooden pallet and dropped it off at the station. I noticed a number of large items in the shipping area, including a V-8 engine.

Good luck!

Geo Hahn

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If you know someone with a commercial (business) location you may find that UPS is cheaper for them. Also, if you shrink-wrap a couple of tires together it might cost less than 2X the cost of one tire. That said -- the suggested alternatives soud like a good way to go.
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