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Indicators stop working


Freshman Member
Hello all,
We continue to have an extrordinarily warm winter here, and I take the 100-6 out two or three times a week. The temperature outside is ranging from 10 to around 16 degrees Celsius. The one problem that I'm having is with the indicators.
When I first set off, from the warm garage, all is well, but after a half an hour in the cool air, the indicators will fail, especially if I have the heater and/or the lights on. The routine is always the same - leave the garage and they work fine, ten miles later and they pack in. I don't have the battery on a charger, the lights are nice and bright, it's just the indicators; is there a voltage drop or something as the battery cools down after leaving the garage? Thanks, Andy

Richard Dickinson

Jedi Trainee
Are you talking about the panel lights? Could be the slide switch under the edge of the dash. The switch could be bad and might not be related to temperature.


Darth Vader
Do you mean all the indicators? (turn signals front and rear) and the brake lights?
It could be something very minor such as a loose connection at the fuse block or voltage regulator box.
Good luck.


Freshman Member
Thanks for the replies all,
All the indicators stop working when I drive the car for around for a good while in the cool(but I'm not sure about the brake lights). The panel lights are fine, the battery is only 6 months old, and I take it out every other day. It never needs charging, and the engine cranks over a treat. All the indicators work perfectly again when I first take it out of the warmth of the garage. I'll try the connections and see. (It's forecasted snow tonight here, so we'll be grounded for a couple of weeks - should I order any replacements in this downtime?) Thanks again. Andy.


Great Pumpkin
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Andy I do not know for sure what you be going on about. However, change the fuses in the fuse block.--Cheers -Keoke


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Hi Andy,
It may be your “brake switch overriding relay”. If you have a workshop manual, check pages N15 and N16 for troubleshooting. Maybe try leaving the heat off in the garage and see if the indicators stop working?
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