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TR6 In the dash, '74 TR6


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While having my tach out for repair, I thought I'd go ahead and clean up the speedo, as well. While there, I found a lot of play in the column, and came up with a way to remove it:


I stuck a thick lock washer on each side of the steering lock assembly, and then tightened them down with the 2 main nuts and bolt on the column by the dash. Although I haven't driven with it, there's no play now in the column. Perhaps this is what the TRF kit sets out to cure...

While the speedo's out, should I replace the Voltage Stabilizer on the back? Moss now sells a "modern" one. I thought I'd also replace the firewall grommets, while here.... any other suggestions?


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mrv8q said:
While the speedo's out, should I replace the Voltage Stabilizer on the back? Moss now sells a "modern" one. suggestions?

What makes it modern???


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
DNK said:
What makes it modern???
I believe it's a solid state voltage regulator; rather than the original "flasher" thing.

Not sure if it's any better or worse than the original.

Only possible disadvantage I can see is that it might make the gauges take just a tiny bit longer to rise to the correct reading when you first start the car (since the old mechanical unit supplies a full 12v for the first 30 seconds or so); but in practice I doubt it's noticeable.

But I don't see much in the way of advantages either; except that it's easier to check for accuracy. It might be more accurate and stable over time than the original stabilizer; but I can't see any difference in results between the apparently original stabilizer on my Stag and a lab grade regulated supply. These gauges aren't all that precise anyway, so a precision reference is wasted on them, IMO.
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