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Ignition Switch "Sweet Spot"?


Jedi Trainee
Ignition Switch "Sweet Spot"?

This may or not be related to my car's recent issue that was determined to be "float levels"

Lately it seems that my car is more likely to start the moment I turn the key or at the very last moment when I try to turn the key from start to off, as if I'm giving up and going to try start it again. This leads me to believe my ignition switch has some kind of "sweet spot" and makes me wonder if this new development is a symptom of a developing problem. Anybody else ever observe this phenomenon?


Great Pumpkin
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Re: Ignition Switch "Sweet Spot"?

Usually that's the electrical part of the iggy switch. What have you got for ignition? Is it a points/condenser setup or converted to eeel-ectronic?


Great Pumpkin
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Re: Ignition Switch "Sweet Spot"?

Now there's a 50/50 shot. Have ya got a way to stuff points in it?


Obi Wan
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Re: Ignition Switch "Sweet Spot"?

Sounds like your ignition switch is starting to wear out. You might be able to disassemble it and clean the contacts, but probably the problem will return eventually. Or, you could replace the switch, but probably the problem will return eventually. To prevent it from returning eventually, best thing is to buy a Buick.

Sorry. But I think you get the point....
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