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If only it were this easy...[ a bit OT ]


My neighbors asked me to get their tiller running for them. The symptoms they complained of seemed to indicate a stuck valve. I pulled the head to have a look and messed up the gasket. (Sometimes you get lucky on small Briggs and Straton motors... sometimes you tear up the head gasket *shrug*). It being Sunday, there was no place to buy a new head gasket, so I got creative. :devilgrin:

I sprayed the head and block with several thick coats of Copper coat. Let them dry for a bit. Put the head back on and went for a long walk with my son. Came back and it fired on the first pull and now runs like a champ.

How come stuff like that never works with the Midget?


Darth Vader
Because Briggs and Straton motors... were not made in the UK.

Now made in china, I think.


Jedi Knight
You need to now reclass the tiller as an HP briggs. premium fuel only... Should tear up the ground with authority! :hammer:


Must be new cheaper gaskets. I've never had to change on on a Briggs and tore hundreds of heads of 'em.

Bumps up compression, but restricts intake and exhast flow. ( if it's an old flat head design.)

Harley bought a Briggs factory years ago to build bikes in...which would explain allot.


<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:]I've never had to change on on a Briggs and tore hundreds of heads of 'em.[/QUOTE]

I was a bit surprised, too. But this tiller is a hand-me-down, so it is definitely an old school USA B&S. There may have been some environmental factor that caused the gasket to melt. The combustion chamber looked very good. But I would guess the thing has less than 100 hours of use on it. It only gets used for a few hours every few springs or so.
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