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Ideas about modifying seats to fit rollbar?


For those who don't know I have a 64 MK II Sprite with a roll bar and later Midget seats. The seats cannot recline the last few inches due to conflict with the roll bar upright.

Rather than (or until) getting the 'correct' seats which might take a while to do, I'm wondering if I might be able to modify the seat backs so they recline past the rollbar.

The side of the seats currently comes up against the upright post of the roll bar.

Can the side of the seat be "adjusted" to fit with a big enough persuader?
I'm thinking really BFH here or maybe a sawzall? Or baybe a little of each?



Jedi Knight
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Tell ya what.. .. get some running thread about two feet long, a rod coupling and a carriage bolt. Rip the seats out, drill a hole in a bucket, turn it upside down, drop the carriage bolt thru (rounded side up. hook up the rod coupling and the running thread. Drill a hole in the floor, run the threads thru, and bolt the whole thing down from underneath. A nice stable bucket to sit on.


Doesn't sound very comfy Bill... :wink:


Great Pumpkin
Shorten the legs of roll bar and mount it to the "shelf" behind the seat area.
Many Spridget race cars mount to this area and it passes SCCA tech inspection.
Mine isn't like this, but it I did it again, I would mount to the shelf area.
If you are worried about strength, you could bolt a larger piece of 1/8" steel plate (like maybe 6" X 6") under the bar to spread out the load.


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Miata Seats are thinner than Spridget seats. I've got lots more room with Miata Seats installed than with Spridget seats in Bugsy. Now lots is relative of course. At 5'6" I still put the seat back as far as it will go. I have no clue how some of you, let's say no longer at high school weight, fit into this car.


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RickB said:
Doesn't sound very comfy Bill... :wink:

That's why the carriage bolt. It's already nice and rounded so's yer bum doesn't have to rest on a hex head! I was only thinkin' of yer comfert! Ya can pound down to smooth off the bottom lip if you use a galvanized bucket!


Nah - just toss a folded blanket in there & sit right on the floor as nature intended. Probably see out the front just fine from that position.

There's a guy in Shelton parting out an early Midget, he's going to take a picture of the seats and email that to me (hopefully) today.
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