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I have three Midget hoods, so I went ahead....


Ok, I know some will really hate this but I said "what the heck?" and went ahead and did it.

I bought this teardrop cover made for a Harley and attached it to the hood over the hole that was there from the DPO.
This way a nice K&N air filter fits on the carb.
I used bondo to fill in the seam then sanded a lot and then gave it two coats with Rustoleum spray.
Believe it or not, I think this is an improvement!

Remember, I have two other hoods, neither have holes in them.
I'm looking for a sidedraft manifold for the Nissan motor so I can put a pair of SU's or a sidedraft Weber on there.
Until that happens I need to be able to run with an air filter, so this is my compromise.

All right, enough yapping, here it is:



Great Pumpkin
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Works for me.
Boxer? Great Dogs.


Hah - I don't know about your Boxer but mine doesn't know what those words mean! Now "Lick 'em into submission" - he gets that part just fine! :wink:


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Oh was that the dog? :devilgrin:

BTW - the hood looks cool!
When I was a kid we had a Boxer named Wille. He was an excellent watch dog understood many commands such as sit, stay, hold, heel, and bite. The dog loved kids and would never hurt them. But when the trainer said "Willie, Bite!" the dog would attack as commanded until the down command was given. This worked well until one day a door to door salesman ignored the 5 foot: "Attack Dog on Patrol" sign. The guy made it to the front door and just as my mom was opening the door, Wille came around the corner and was "holding" the guy with his threatening bark. The guy was very scared and practically crying as he shouted to my mom "Will he Bite! Will he Bite!?" ...and you know what? Willie did bite just as he was trained to do.


OK, so that is a joke.
Actually, we had a Boxer named Bowser that was naturally protective of us kids. He never showed aggression to any other children, but would not let any strangers on to the property unescorted. And yes, he would lick our friends and family into submission.



Once you get the rocket launchers installed, you will be set.


<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:]Once you get the rocket launchers installed, you will be set.[/QUOTE]

Oh Yeah - I like where you are going with that...
Ever read the short story: "Why Johnny Can't Speed"?

Thanks Kim, in case I have to sell it to some teeny bopper it should really help!

I was thinking maybe my Arteest Daughter could paint some nice flames down the sides of the bump.... :wink: :devilgrin:


I was thinking it might be nice to cut out the front & install some kind of finishing material so as to induct fresh air under the hood and yet still have a finished look.

Anyone got some idea what I could use for that?


<span style="font-style: italic">
Anyone got some idea what I could use for that?</span>


Might require some rework of your project.


heh - yeah, a bit of the old "back to the drawing board" there! :wink:


Luke Skywalker
texas_bugeye said:
Now dont go trying to chage the head lamps to flip over ala Opel GT
and its fine by me!
And what's wrong with that? I lOVED my GT
Old GT up until lousy lady driver did me in. Wreck Those headlights are cool and you know it.

And the hood blister was functional!
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