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Wedge I guess I'm a glutton for punishment! Just bought another TR7


Jedi Warrior
So, for the last 2 years I've regretted having sold my wedge. I really liked the car, and now I haven't had anything to drive around for fun.

Well, the TR7 that took 2nd place to my wedge at Day of Triumph a few years back.. is now owned by me =) I had mentioned how I regretted having sold my wedge while I was at the New England Triumphs spring planning meeting, and Ned Sparrow told me "hey my TR7 is still for sale, it was just put away for winter" The car had been up mt washington last year, and was seen regularly at events in new england, I knew it was well maintained and ran fine, new minilite alloy wheels and tires, brand spanking new wizard aluminum radiator, recent brake job, etc... and the price was right, so 2000$ later I own a wedge again. This one is the same year as my last 1977 coupe, but it has the folding sunroof, which I like. Pictures to come later. I didn't have my camera with me when I went to look at it today.


Jedi Warrior
I'll take photos tomorrow when it gets delivered (forgot to bring my camera with me when I took a look at it)

Here's a photo of the car from the summer before this last


It has since then been done up with vinyl decal work on the body, and some large rally lamps to make it look reminiscent of the early TR7 rally cars which were the same color




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Welcome back to the Wedge club!


Jedi Warrior
There is one known problem with the car when buying it, the kickdown cable is broken, a new replacment was provided with it, but without the BW65 specific service tool I dont think it can be replaced without dropping the transmission,

...And then there is one big problem which the previous owner wasnt seeing but which I'm having.

When I step on the gas the engine sputters and almost dies, and I have been able to stall it when the engine idle is low enough (much to my embarasment at a stoplight while filling the gas tank) On another forum it was suggested that is the symptom of no oil in the dashpot, but I checked the dashpots and they've got oil. In fact it seems to be pretty heavy oil because pushing the plunger down the last bit is really stiff. Tomorrow I'm going to use an eyedropper or whatnot to suck out all the oil in the dashpot and re-fill it with 3in1 or marvel mystery oil, and see if it's still doing it.

The carbs are brand new as of the end of last summer, from Jeff at Paltech, nicely polished and with all new insides, so hopefully it's something I can get figured out, as it's so far the only real issue I've found.


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That looks really, really nice! Hopefully you can sort the mechanical hiccups easily.
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