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I am so EXCITED!!


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I bought a 1972 MGB with wires a few months ago. Never started it then but thought I should see if it runs. The PO told me it had been 2 years + since it was last started, but that it ran great. You will never guess how easy it started. It started as easy as my newer cars. Ran like a champ no noises, valves good etc...These cars are GREAT!! I have heard of MG's sitting for 10 years and start right up. What is the longest you have heard of one sitting and starting right up?

Excited, Tom /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
Well Tom ... we shall see. My 75 hasn't been turned over since 1992. I've not cranked it yet but am running through a list of things prior to cranking. I'm starting with fuel tank, fuel pump and working my way forward. I'm all ears prior to cranking.

My 75 started right up after sitting from 97 to 2003 just needed to install a new fuel pump. It sat for another year and fired right up again. Full tune up and she runs like it never sat.
I have a 64 MGB that I bought from a friend in 2003. He had parked it in his airplane hanger in 1988. I put a little transmission fluid in each cylinder to soak for a few weeks then changed the fluids, put in a new battery and she fired right up. I later rebuilt the carbs and she needed a new water pump but she did start after 15 years of sitting!

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