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HS6 Fixed needle centering tips


Senior Member
Does anyone have a tip on how to center a fixed needle of an HS6 (Obviously I do not have a tool).. Everytime I tighten the nut, the bearing moove and de-center the jet...



Jedi Knight
Assuming that everything is lovely and clean, so that the piston will not bind and also assuming that the needle is fitted correctly and is not bent, this is what I have always done. Can't be sure that it is the correct procedure, but it has always worked for me.
I loosen the jet locking nut and then tighten the jet mixture nut up as far as it will go. Then I remove the oil damper piston and push the piston/needle assembly down using a pencil, while tightening up the jet locking nut. I then lift the piston a couple of times to see if it drops back down OK. It usually takes a couple of attempts. Then it is a case of adjusting the jet as per the manual and then a bit of fine tuning.
I have heard people saying that the jet mixture tensioning spring should be removed while doing this, but that involves removing the jet to replace it after centering, which I would have thought could knock it out of adjustment again.
Something that I have also done when having difficulty is to loosen the three dash pot screws while pressing the needle assembly down with the pencil and give the dash pot a wobble and then re-tighten the screws. If the dash pot isn't perfectly seated then centering the jet would be impossible.
I also imagine that if the old cork seal is being re-used this could push the jet off centre.
I hope this non-technical summary helps!
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