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How Free / rear wheels turn - XJS & Coil Question

Brian L

Freshman Member

I've owned an XJS many, many years ago and purchased another (89 XJS - a few years back). Now that I'm just getting ready to put on the finishing touches before paint. I had a question for other owners.

With the car "up in the air" and in Neutral, How free do your rear wheels turn when turning them by hand?. I have'nt installed my rear brake pads yet (old ones are removed) so there is no "rubbing etc by the pads).

Turning the rear wheels by hand seems a little "hard" to me. I have another rear differential "on the bench" that seems "similar" when turning but I really can't remember how the other car was.

Thanks for the help.

PS, Has anyone "converted" from the 2-coil setup to a single coil. If so, which did you use and how were the results. (my coil in the grille area finally died so I'm "running on 1".
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