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How do I clear up a plastic rear hard top window?


Jedi Hopeful
The rear window is so cloudy that its solid white.
Its on a 1962 AB 3000.

Thanks Scott


Great Pumpkin
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That's a good question! Solid white to me would mean the discoloring is all the way through, but I'm just guessing. I would get a plastic headlight polishing kit and try it, you have nothing to lose. If it wasn't so bad I'd say use aircraft windshield polish. If the head light cleaner works, aircraft windshield polish could take the swirls out. Just a suggestion. Convertible rear window polish from an auto store is another avenue to pursue also. PJ


Jedi Trainee
I had a very cloudy window on what I believe was the original TR3 top. I tried Plexis on it with little success. I finally used small amounts of chrome cleaner which did an absolutely fantastic job. Give it a try.

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