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Home made axle puller


Senior Member
I like that. I've always just attached a length of chain to the axle and played "crack the whip". Time it just right and the axle is laying on the ground in front of you!


Great Pumpkin
"Necessity is the mother of invention".

Did you see that 8 ounces of wheel weights on the inside of that tire? I wonder what the other side looks like?

Can you say shimmey at 120+??


Senior Member
I learned the chain trick in a stranger's driveway just over the Michigan line from Toledo. A friend in highschool had a '57 Bel Air that we had stuffed a 454 into. On a test flight the 10 bolt rear decided to spit a spider gear out through a new hole in the rear end housing.

The owner saw the car at the end of his 100 yd long driveway and came out to chat. We asked if we could fix it there and he didn't have a problem with the plan. We had a friend take us home and got a spare diff and swapped it out in about 30 minutes, hammered the new hole shut and put some duct tape over the slot. We drove the car home and started shopping for a 12bolt posi to hang under the car.

The father of my friend had a great plan to keep track of his 4 boys and a few of us got sucked into the deal. The dad made a deal, he would spend the money if we put in the time to do the work. I don't know how many hours we spent in their garage on weekends and during the long summer nights but it kept us all out of trouble for about a year during a total resto-rod build. Driving around in a '57 in the early 80's was something I'll always look back on. I'm already trying to see what kind of car my 5 year old will want to build...


Jedi Hopeful
Country flag
My buddy Steve built this one. We've done 3 TR6 hubs with it so far. Works really well and is robust enough not to bend the flange on the hub.


Senior Member
Way too professional. Where do you put the duct tape?

(love the design, making mental note to build one...)
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