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Hold Down Straps for BN-1 Battery Access Door


Jedi Hopeful
Working on the interior of my 55 BN-1. I can't remember if the battery cover door has the "split rivits" for the hold down straps for the lift the dot snaps, showing on the outside of the door lip, or if they are hidden under vinyl that wraps the door.

I seem to remember a close-up picture of this on Alan Afano's pink and black 100M, but I can'tr find the picture.
Reid, how is it on your 100?

Thank you in advance for all your help!



Jedi Knight
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Hey Tod,
Pictures I have seen show the rivets exposed. Per Anderson/Moment they were "black headed rivets".


Jedi Hopeful
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I can send you a scan of the Anderson Moment page showing the Access Door straps and description if you would like. Send me a PM because document is too large by Forum limits to attach.


Jedi Hopeful

Thank you for your reply! I did them exposed and I am going to paint them black, unless you tell me otherwise. I am coming to PGH next weekend, to see mom and dad (92 & 95 yrs old!) I am still planning to bring the 100 Lemans up if I get it finished for the vintage race in July. (If I get the interior and a short sorted out. SO CLOSE.) I hope to meet you and the "M".
See you soon! I hope.



Jedi Hopeful
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The pictures in the Anderson Moment book show the black rivets exposed with the leather hold down strap riveted between the Armacord and the metal door. The description also indicated that there was Armacord on the bottom inside of the door to prevent shorting the battery.

It would be great to see you at the Vintage Grand Prix. I'll be at the British Car show on 7/19 and have Patron Parking spaces on the course for Sunday 7/20. No 100's at the Show last year. I'm in the same boat on my 56 100M. Completed the mechanicals. Just have to do the interior and figure out the gremlins from redoing the wiring harness.
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