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High performance DCOE carbs 40 or 45


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Ok here is the new plan Fit a new weber DCOE to a 948 1958 sprite.
Which one or does it matter


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Stick with SU's. Send them off for a rebuild but you will be happier and your mileage will be better.


If you really want to make a change consider going to one SU. The manifolds come up on E-bay UK fairly often or can be bought new. David Vizard has researched these combo's for an A series engine and written it up in his book "Tuning BL's A series engine". His conclusion was that not much power is gained with the DCOE over the SU. See if you can find the book on E-bay or Amazon...he covers all the option's and how much power can be had. I think you would find the DCOE much harder to tune than the SU's.



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DCOEs are great carbs, but you have to remember one main thing, it has to be matched perfectly to the engine in question! It is not an ear tuning job! It's your money, but I would take the advice of others and stick with the SUs, you'll save money and get a more simple set up that gets the best performance out of a stock engine with very little effort. Just my opinion but, SUs were one of the finest carburetors ever designed and simplest to work on once you understand them. The motor cycle industry copied the design years ago and it's been very successful, even to this day. PJ
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