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Heat Shield


Jedi Trainee
Hello to all. Well, my heat shield arrived yesterday. Installing it was easy. This weekend I'll see if it makes a difference in starting the 6 when the motor is warm/hot. Hopefully it will make starting the car easier when the motor is warm/hot.

Has anyone out there seen an improvement when it comes to this? All responses are welcome.




Hey Dave,

Not sure if it's related but I installed a carb heat
shield and then the distributor blew up, the hydraulics
for my clutch blew up, my car was stolen, then recoved,
the cross shaft taper pin broke and the car spent 7 months
on jack stands being repaired.

I don't currently have the heat shield installed.

Your install will probably work out better than mine.



Yup, tis true.

Clan Fraser of Lovat- we never give up.
Some of us Frasers have been known to lose
our heads because we never give up.
My poor uncle Simon Fraser has a rough go
of it in the Tower. And poor cousin Christopher
got burned at the stake.

A stubborn lot we are~

d /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/lol.gif


Jedi Trainee
Hello again. Thanks for all the replies. The heat shield definitely makes a big difference in how the car runs. My idle is now much smoother and more stable now. And starting when the motor is warm is also much, much easier.



Senior Member
Seems to me from what Ive been reading that triumphs in general have a problem with heat lock. I know my car has some metal lines under the hood. I once heat shielded my mustangs starter with a stop sign from down the street though (it is about 1/8 aluminum) and it worked great. Glad its working for you.


Now, ya just to keep an close eye on your tranny.
After my carb shields, the tranny mounts decayed
to dust, the tranny locked up in 2nd, one rear
wheel stud fell off the car and the front wheel
bearing blew out. The spark plugs fouled out and
the lead wires fried. Two coils burned up and a major
hole developed in the driver's floor pan.

You have to constantly fine tune that carb shield
or you could be in for trouble.

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