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Hate to price parts?


Jedi Warrior
Been away from the forum for awhile, well since I had the accident in the TR6, last Oct. I have had to really think about it and after some looking around for replacement parts and estimating the time needed, I just can't justify repairing the 6.
I need to concentrate and finish this Spitfire I have and a Norton International motorcycle first and I just have no place to store the TR6 until I could get to it.
So I am going to part it out this summer.
Now the rub, I hate selling and parts pricing.
Is there kind of rule of thumb that a good used part is a certain percentage of new?
I bought new or rebuilt the parts I used on this car and only bought a few used parts. Mainly ones that someone was more interested in getting rid of it than what they were paid.
Want to be fair, but not just give the stuff away. Some will got that way since it the original and has the wear and tear of 123K miles on it.
anyway give me your advice and opinions it you would.
Here is a link to some photos.
PM me if you have an interest in something.


Country flag
There is no "rule" but for many items as a starting point I look at where they are at in the Moss catalog and if used try to get 50%.

This i think is fairly reasonable to both seller and buyer for parts like hard metal bits that don't normally wear out (suspension A arms and what have you.

Used motors and trannies are tricky because even if you know they work fine there is a bit of trust me factor at work for the buyer that brings down the price I think.

Soft bits such as interior depends a lot on condition.

Not a lot of guidance, or you can just put them on e-bay and see what they bring, e-bay gets pretty big exposure so you get as close to a true market price there, you can also check completed auctions on E-bay (need to be signed up with userid} to get an idea of used prices even if you don't want to sell there.


Jedi Trainee

I may be interested in the front license plate mount... PM me if you are interested in selling that part.

Geo Hahn

Country flag
I don't use eBay if I just have an item or two to sell but find it handy & effective if there is enough to launch a real sale. If you have, say, 25 or so items all listed & ending about the same time it is a manageable volume yet you can simply the communication & mailing. Do that 4 times and you've moved a hundred parts.

It really helps if you set the starting bid low enough that you're sure someone will buy it (as noted you will get the best the market will pay). Since you dislike the pricing aspect this removes it altogether.

Obviously you need to be organized before you begin & that takes time -- removing each part, photographing it, describing it, etc but still less much less trouble that dealing with it one part at a time.
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