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Hard top packing -expandable foam


Darth Vader
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I need some help. I built a box for a bugeye hard top I sold to another forum member. I have about 1 1/2" clearance all around. I wanted to use expandable foam to secure/ protect it at key locations. I tried using a bag filled with the foam you use for your house. Didn't work very well. Can someone let me know what type/brand of foam they used? Thanks for your help.


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ive used Great Stuff household insulating foam...the one that expands a lot. You can do it a couple of ways, put the top in a plastic garbage bag, put some foam in the box, place the top (in bag) in the box and continue to fill with foam. Another option is the reverse...bag the top and place in box with other empty garbage bags that you will fill with foam. Same procedure after that. If you use the regular expanding foam it will take forever to fill it.
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Kevin, what you are looking for is what I do for work. I should be able to get some of those bags. Send me a PM and I'll see what I can do. :smile:


Hey Kevin, Thanks for taking the time to "poll the troops" about the expandable foam. Looking forward to seeing the finished results. Let me know as soon as you've got the final dims and weight. Thanks!Terry


Darth Vader
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You're welcome, Terry. Got the box built quickly, but still working on the final touches. I used a can of Great Stuff and it didn't expand as much as I thought it would. I admit the can was at least ten years old. They make a number of different purpose foams. Which type expands the most?


10 year old foam for a 50-year old top? Makes perfect sense to me! I think I'd call those guys at "Great Stuff" and tell 'em (just like my wife used to say), "It ain't so great!" :smile:
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