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Grill changes to Vintage race car?


Jedi Trainee
I have seen that some have put a wire grill in place of the stock chrome grill in the Bugeyes to gain more cooling area? Any thoughts on this? I noticed a few weeks ago while testing at the track, my oil and water temps were close in temp, but while it was a hot day, 210 seemed too hot for the water.

Is this allowed for vintage racing?
Anything else I should do?


Great Pumpkin
Hmmm? I thing it would depend on the club. Up here in the northeast, VRG would not care. And HSR does not seem to be too concerned about this type of stuff. Not sure about SVRA, VSCCA or others.

Really, your car should cool OK with the stock grill. If it doesn't, you may want to look at various colling-system issues.

My car has a ~Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Grill~ , but that was mostly because the stock one was really trashed and I had the wire mesh on hand. My car has the highly efficient 1500 radiator, so it wasn't really needed.


Jedi Trainee
What temps do you see with that car and the MG Rad?


Great Pumpkin
Actually, only about 160 F in the Summer time. I am using a blanking plate (which, in my case, is just an old thermostat with the guts removed).

I will really need to blank off some of the radiator if I use the car in cooler times. Last week at Watkins Glen I was only seeing about 130-140 F.

Keep in mind that I am running the 1500 engine (but I think this radiator can be adapted to run in the "A" series engine too....actually, I'm planning on running it when I do my 1275 swap in this car).
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