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Great Show of Morgans at Road America


Luke Skywalker
The Vintage races honored TR, Healeys and Morgans....more Morgans than the other brands showed up...impressive lot!





Great Pumpkin
Country flag
LOVE the reversed lights! Talk about a "flashback"!!!

WHEEE!!! Cumberland hillclimbs!!!


Darth Vader
DrEntropy said:
WHEEE!!! Cumberland hillclimbs!!!

Sorry to hijack your thread, Rick, but...

Hillclimbs are returning to Cumberland, Doc!

Maryland has a law prohibiting racing on public roads, but Dave Williams, who is behind the Cumberland Airport Autocross Series, got the Maryland legislature to pass a bill that allows a hillclimb to be held near Flintstone for three years!

It's a Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association event, held on the August 4th weekend on Gilpin Road and it runs 1.3 miles and 9 turns up Polish Mountain. This is a different road from the one used in the old Cumberland hillclimbs, but it's wider and safer. I drove it and it's steep with a few switchbacks, and no houses or anything.

I'll be spectating there!

Sorry, Rick.


Jedi Warrior
aeronca65t said:
Lovely red Flatrad....but *what* are those tires?!? Unusual looking!

I'll guess that the trike has a little flattie Ford engine.

The Morgan slang is "artillary wheels". I looked to see if I could find more info on them, but came up empty. It would not surprise me at all if they were indeed military surplus from WWII. They were one of 4 options on the 1937-50 4/4 and the 1950-53 flat rad +4's.

the 100e flathead was pretty common on later trikes; it was the standard mill on the 4-4 series II from 55-60.


Jedi Warrior
It was a GREAT weekend. We were racing a Sprite, but the Morgans sure made for pretty scenery.

I especially liked the maroon +4 Coupe(?) I had never seen one before, and I loved the shape.

Any pics of that, Yankee whoeveryouare?



Thanks those were lovely pix!! I have a special, soft spot for Moggies, having been a bairn growing up riding in my Dad's trike! ( a three-seater!!)


Darth Vader
Morgan was the featured marque two seasons ago, at the fall historics.

The little blue and silver job was there last summer too. It has the world's greatest hood ornament-I'll post a pic when I find it again!



Luke Skywalker
PeterC said:
It was a GREAT weekend. We were racing a Sprite, but the Morgans sure made for pretty scenery.

I especially liked the maroon +4 Coupe(?) I had never seen one before, and I loved the shape.

Any pics of that, Yankee whoeveryouare?

This one?
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