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Great racing!


Just watched the 65 Sebring race on 'youtube'. 5 parts that I think this group would like. "The 12 Hour Grind".

Enjoyed the London to Sydney marathon rallye of 1968 a while ago but it seems to have disappeared! Anyone know where it could be out in cyberspace??



Great Pumpkin


Ah, thanks Nial...stand's to reason that if someone thought it had value the "free" would go away!!
I thought it was good enough that I just might buy it! Then again 30GBP ain't chicken feed for a video!



Country flag
I have always liked this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWRc-rIz8N8 The beginning is a little hokey, but I get a kick out of it, just like life at home, but it gets more serious and realistic as it goes along, the car inspection and pre-race stuff is great, as is the Le mans start, there are two more parts, youtube will prompt you for it when you get done with the first.


Great Pumpkin
That was fun!

It kind of reminds me of what I do currently.

Those old "pro races" were a lot more amateur than they might have seemed (I recall seeing an F1 car on an open trailer at Watkins Glen in the late 60s......and I saw Sam Posey's factory Dodge Trans-Am car come into Lime Rock on a U-Haul open trailer)

(by the way, when I'm working on the car, my wife always gives me a "10 minute warning" for dinner time :friendly_wink: )

EDIT: Here's a shot I took of Posey's race car at Lime Rock in '70. Note "pro trailer and tow vehicle".



Great Pumpkin
That Connew F1 story was neat! Too bad it's not possible today.

The other quasi-amateur privateer that comes to mind as a self-builder is Alain de Cadenet.

To quote Wikipedia:

He made his reputation building and driving his own sports prototypes, taking on works teams and occasionally beating them. In 1976 he finished 3rd overall at the Le Mans.[2] In 1980, with co-driver Desiré Wilson, he won two rounds of the World Sportscar Championship —the Monza 1000 kilometers and Silverstone 6 hour events. This was a major achievement in an era of increasing professionalism, when it was very difficult for privateers to defeat larger, better-funded teams that had factory support.


All good stuff! Especially hay bales to mark the track and cars sliding around on the tires of those days as if they were on ice!

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