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Grand Prix the Killer Years

Simon TR4a

Jedi Knight
I hope this remains available and is not taken down for copyright reasons or something- the racing footage is wonderful, if scary!
What enormous changes in the sport, some for the better!
I suppose you cannot separate the more professional approach to safety, and racing in general, from the development of commercialism. I tend to regard Bernie as a greedy, malicious dwarf, but not everything he did was bad!


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Simon said:
I tend to regard Bernie as a greedy, malicious dwarf, but not everything he did was bad!

Even a blind squirrel...



Luke Skywalker
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I'm a Bernie Ecclestone fan, and I'm not alone in looking at him as the savior of Formula 1. After F1's falling into receivership the banks didn't have a clue what direction to go with it. Bernie instrumented the needed changes (that happened to include safer cars and tracks) to make it a more salable product. Of course his 25% take and those television rights have made him a billionaire. Would he have made as much money had he stayed as a driver's manager (Jochen Rindt - the only world champion to receive the award posthumously), or as a team manager (Brabham)? Of course not, but I don't hold that against him and rather marvel at what he has created.
Here he is with Francois Cevert and Peter Revson in 1973. Both drivers would lose their lives just practicing for a F1 race: Hmmm... couldn't attach that photo - search "Cevert Revson Ecclestone" to view photo.


Great Pumpkin
~Link To Photo of Cevert, Revson and Ecclestone~

I've seen Cevert and Revson race.
Thankfully I missed the '73 race where Cevert was killed.
I used to go to the Watkins Glen in the late 60s and early 70 for the F1 races.
Back then you could go to the Seneca Lodge and hang out with Graham Hill and others.
But I was always more interested in sports cars and endurance racing, so when F1 left The Glen, I lost interest in it.
The current problems in Bahrain remind me of the protests about racing F1 in Kyalami in South Africa (although I realize most of the current protesters aren't opposed to F1).
I have no opinion of Ecclestone but it sounds like Mosely is a weirdo.
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