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Got the engine put together


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Finally have the engine put together on the stand. For now I have an nankuten branded weber 38 outlaw carburetor on a Pierce manifold. I did have to fabricate a riser from Phenolic Resin for the linkages to clear. Will decide on the orientation when I put it back in the car and can see the cable routing.

The car came with multiple water pumps, manifolds, cooling fans etc. This is an triumph spitfire fan and will hopefully do the trick. I used a lot of wrinkle black paint to cover the flaking chrome on most of the parts. Almost all of the drivetrain is now complete and waiting for the body work to be completed.

I guess the next steps will be bodywork, drivetrain install, electrical and finally the interior.



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looks great! Love the details (and the blank off plate especially)

well done
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Great Pumpkin
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Nicely done! But isn't that fan on bass-ackwards?


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Received as a box of parts, spitfire fans don't show in the midget manual for some reason. So could be backwards. Will research.
I'll put a post in the spitfire forum.
Thanks for noticing.
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