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Gitting Ready to Bump Steer


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I love Spridget Porn!!!
Once we determine ride height we put the car on the lift (without the front springs installed). The lower it with two idential rolling work tables under the front wheels. Then we determine the amount of bump steer and rate of change. Then we scratch are heads and argue about the rack position and steering arm angles.


Have fun.


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Trevor, Spridgets aren’t what I would call the ideal Ackerman angle chassis, lol. It would take quite a bit of fabricating with frame and custom design steering arms and spindles, ect to even get close. I didn’t what to cut this car up that much since I’m the second owner. I’m starting with a ¾ shim under the outer tie rod to see how close that will be. From what I read, using the standard rack mounts with level steering arms are about the best all round setup at ride height

.View attachment 30834
True, we looked at revamping my spridgets suspension, but it got overly complicated fast. The fellow helping me was fairly impressed at how the car handled (and wasn't quite sure why it worked as well as it did).

However, when building a hotrod with a grab bag of steering racks, crossmembers, spindles, and steering arms. It takes a bunch of measuring and fitting to make the handling predictable, let alone "good".

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Ah. Ackerman. Most hot rod folks say ignore it....but it's there for a reason. Most folks have no clue what it really is anyway.
Usually, in other marques (read: hotrods) once you drop the nose, the tie rod angles are pretty severe. We usually found if the tie rod started on the bottom of the spindle steering arm, we reversed it.....then lowered the rack (if that was the component being used) and got closer.
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